MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to listen, educate, and advocate to recognize and eliminate racism in institutions of society including our church, community, and country.
VISION: We envision racial equity and justice for all God’s children.

KEY CONTACTS: Grace Geegracegee50@gmail.com

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No, I will not be quiet. Yes, it does hurt.

Join us Martin Luther King Jr. weekend worship as we welcome our guest pastor, The Rev. Angela T. Khabeb. The Rev. Angela T. Khabeb joined the Holy Trinity ministry staff in August 2018. Pastor Angela, a Bridges Scholar, completed seminary at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago where she won the James Kenneth Echols […]

Holy Post-Race in America

Phil Vischer of VeggieTales fame, created this 18 minuteYouTube video on June 14, 2020  to help us understand why people are angry, why  people are protesting, and why even 150 years after slavery ended and 60 years after the civil rights movement we still have a race problem. Listening to this video will give you […]

Dismantling Systemic Racism

Update on Nativity’s Journey in Dismantling Systemic Racism and other Systemic Injustices An action team from the Nativity community has been created; including individuals from it’s clergy, council, and Racial Equity and Justice Ministry Team. This team has entered into a partnership with Kaleo Center​for Faith, Justice and Social Transformation and it’s Founding Director, Steve […]

Ephraim Olani shares his story

Ephraim is one of our Interfaith-Intercultural Outreach Team leaders for our Sub-Saharan African Youth & Family Services. For more information: https://www.nativitychurch.org/serve/local/interfaith-intercultural-outreach-team/

Grace Gee shares her story

Grace is one of our Interfaith-Intercultural Outreach Team leaders for our Racial Equity and Justice Ministry. For more information: https://www.nativitychurch.org/serve/local/interfaith-intercultural-outreach-team/

Responding to Racism

The death of George Floyd was senseless and the world is outraged by this act of violence against a black man. This tragedy is a call for all of us to act: talk about the death of George openly and honestly, talk about the violence against people of color, talk about racism in our community, our state, […]

To Nativity Community from Nativity Racial Equity and Justice Ministry Team

In 2016, Nativity’s Racial Equity and Justice Ministry (then called Anti Racism Team) was born after the death of Philando Castile at the hands of a St. Anthony police officer. Four years later, George Floyd now, unfortunately, holds a distressingly similar place in the world headlines. We continue to dedicate ourselves in proclaiming the Gospel […]

Nativity Community Outreach Teams Update

Outreach Leaders & Ministers, Thank you for your continued faith, generous spirits, and compassionate hearts. I hope you, your family, and friends find comfort and support in the love you share. We also appreciate and love you at Nativity and want to make sure we keep it flowing! During these uncertain times, let’s find solace […]