High School

We focus on loving God, loving Neighbor, and loving Self.

In high school, we focus on advocacy, service projects, peer support, and building community. Students will explore their personal relationship with Jesus and define what they believe.

Not only will you be able to learn and grow as a person, but you’ll also be a part of a supportive community that has a lot of fun together.

Are you interested in leadership developments? Service Projects? LGBTQAI+ and BIPOC Advocacy? Retreats? ELCA college tours? Let us know how we can help you continue your growth. Sign up below 🙂

What are you working on now?

‘Find Your Fit’ training starts this fall!

It’s about… 

… Understanding your spiritual gifts and talents. (This is the specialness that God has gifted you with.)
… Naming your values and passions. (We will walk through how to identify and name yours.)
… Recognizing your personality preferences. (Each of us has a natural preference for working and communicating. Knowing yours will make a world of difference.)
Once we have named our gifts, talents, values, passions, and preferences,  we can ‘Find Our Fit’ in any community. Please join us this fall!
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Summer Service and Learning Trip

9th – 12th Grade | June 17th – 25th

This summer we are excited to serve in and learn about Nashville TN! We are looking forward to our partnership with Serve Boldly, which not only serves those locally but all over the world through shared work with Soles4Souls. We can support food banks, refugee ministries, and Nashville congregations that are providing a community for children and youth in the summer. Of course, no trip to Nashville would be complete without live music and a stroll down Broadway. We will learn about the amazing ways God is at work in Nashville, be of service to others and create a beautiful community within our Nativity youth.

Travel dates are Friday, June 17th to Saturday, June 25th.

Estimated cost $650 without fundraising

Space is limited (and costs go up), so register NOW or if you have questions, please contact Heather

Student Action Leadership Team

What is SALT?

SALT is a Student Leadership Team for 10th -12th-grade students. Participants learn about their unique talents and spiritual gifts. They learn about (and use) leadership skills both at Nativity and in your community.

Every person is uniquely and wonderfully made, we all have the power and ability to care for others that no one else can replicate. Every student is a leader and needed to improve the community. How we use our uniqueness (for the good of others) is just ONE way that we can grow closer to God.

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The kids are in high school, are parents involved?

YES!!! Parents and guardians are the most important people in our students lives. You are needed for the full faith development of your child, your support is needed for the community that we live in. You are the most valuable person who will influence your child, not only in matters of faith but of all parts of their life’s. You belong to this community and are welcome to join us in FULL partnership. We can’t do this without you.


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