We focus on loving God, loving Neighbor and, loving Self.

Student Action Leadership Team

Lent 2021- World Hunger & 40 Days of Giving

Join us during lent as we focus on Hunger in our local and worldwide communities with help from the ELCA World Hunger.  You will find resources for bible studies, books to read, a calendar you can follow, and ways you can help raise funds for local and world hunger.  Join in our Nativity community as […]

January Family Advocacy Week – Racial Justice

January Family Advocacy Week- Racial Justice JANUARY 25-29th, 2021 Join us this week as we hear how people SHOW UP in our community, learn ways you can SHOW UP and listen to stories to help kids SHOW UP in their own way! You will find everything here and on our Social Media. Each day we […]

Family Advocacy Week- October 26-30

October Family Advocacy Week- Global Ministry OCTOBER 26-30th, 2020 Join us this week as we hear stories, read stories,  and make a new story of our own by helping our Global Community! You will find everything here and on our Social Media. Each day we will post new content for you to hear and learn […]

What is SALT?

SALT is a Student Leadership Team for 10th -12th-grade students. Participants learn about their unique talents and spiritual gifts. They learn about (and use) leadership skills with a focus on advocacy, service projects, peer support, and building community. They will explore their personal relationship with Jesus and define what they each believe.  Not only will you be able to learn and grow as a person, but you’ll also be a part of a wonderful community that has a lot of fun together.

Every person is uniquely and wonderfully made, we all have the power and ability to care for others that no one else can replicate. Every student is a leader and needed to improve the community. How we use our uniqueness (for the good of others) is just ONE way that we can grow closer to God.

When do you meet?

We have a weekly Zoom to chat about life, connect and dig into leadership training and planning for the youth of Nativity. We are working with the state and Nativity health guidelines to have out-door, social distancing events as we are able.

What are you working on now?

Peer Ministry Leadership training starts this fall!

It’s about… 

…friends helping friends. (You will learn HOW to talk to a friend when they need you).
…the Good Samaritan story, real-life skills added. (You will learn WHAT to do when the problem feels so big).
…an education of the heart, loving as Christ first loved us. (You will explore what it means for YOU to love others courageously).
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The kids are in high school, are parents involved?

YES!!! Parents and guardians are the most important people in our students lives. You are needed for the full faith development of your child, your support is needed for the community that we live in. You are the most valuable person who will influence your child, not only in matters of faith but of all parts of their life’s. You belong to this community and are welcome to join us in FULL partnership. We can’t do this without you.


S.A.L.T. – Student Action Leadership Team

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