Donor Advised Fund

Ready to increase your charitable giving? Consider a Donor Advised Fund

It could be beneficial both for you and those not-for-profit organizations that are meaningful to you.

Donor advised funds can offer a tax-smart investment solution for charitable giving. These accounts accept cash and securities while the most preferable option is appreciated securities that have been held in an appropriate account for at least one year.

When a donor advised fund is used, a defined set of investment options can be utilized before the owner donates the proceeds to a verified non-profit organization. Once donated, a current year tax deduction is received and capital gains taxes may be reduced and minimized.

Donor advised funds can be beneficial for philanthropic minded individuals that seek innovative tax strategies for monies that are earmarked and ultimately given to not-for-profit organizations.

Note: This is not intended to be financial advice. To determine if a donor advised fund is beneficial for you, seek assistance from a qualified tax professional, a qualified investment representative, and from the donor-advised fund administrator.

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