Care and Support Outreach Team

This team responds to the reality that people in our community are facing life challenges. They can benefit by our appropriate and timely help and care.

If you would like to join us in our effort to care for one another and change the world, fill out the form below and the Facilitator of Community Engagement will contact you to follow up. Thank you.



The Dragonfly Project is a mission partner of Nativity Lutheran Church and a nonprofit organization that sends condolence cards carrying a message of hope to people who are grieving. The organization consists of volunteers who look up names in obituaries and help pull together and mail packets out to people who are grieving usually 3-6 months after the death has occurred. Each packet contains a condolence card, a copy of the dragonfly story printed on the inside of the cover and a dragonfly key chain.



Using a proven, rapid response tracking system, Project Lifesaver is the world’s most reliable program for locating missing persons diagnosed with cognitive challenges such as Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, Autism and/or Down Syndrome.

Project Lifesaver is a practical, affordable and successful solution for locating missing loved ones who wander, and giving peace of mind to their caregivers.



The Twin Cities North Suburban Grief Support Coalition sponsors the “Growing Through Loss” series twice yearly providing an opportunity to obtain information and support for a variety of loss and grief issues. The Growing Through Loss Coalition is appropriate for anyone who has experienced loss (eg. the loss of a loved one, a broken relationship, a divorce, job loss, pregnancy or infant loss, etc. ) and feels the need for support and interested in learning more about grief.

For further information, call the Growing Through Loss hotline at 763-755-5335



Mental Health Connect works to provide community-based resources, support, and education to improve access to mental health services and to connect individuals and families with the services they need.



Women in Action engages women of all ages in reaching out to the community for a variety of service projects. Once per month the women work as a team sharing the love of God with others.



The Purpose of the Vital Aging Ministry is to provide enrichment and faith formation opportunities for those who are in their pre and post retirement years. Various volunteers with expertise in certain areas, will serve as the enrichment or faith formation presenters.

Persons from our Nativity Community will be participants and presenters. They will be asked to bring guests from inside and outside Nativity Lutheran Church to participate.


The Crisis Text Line and Suicide Prevention

For this month’s meeting, Mental Health Connect is hosting a presentation by Wil Sampson-Bernstrom, Regional Coordinator for Canvas Health Suicide Prevention, a non-profit Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic. We’ll learn […]

Growing through Loss Series Begins Sept. 15

Growing through Loss is a six-week series that provides information and support for a variety of grief situations. Each session begins with a presentation on some aspect of grief. Afterward, […]

Thank You from the Dragonfly Project!

The Dragonfly Project’s mission is to provide a message of hope to those who are grieving. Each condolence card sent comes with a dragonfly keychain. From Julie Bonde: Thank you […]

Dragonfly Project Packet Assembly Events

The Dragonfly Project’s mission is to provide a message of hope to those who are grieving. Each condolence card we send comes with a dragonfly keychain. We will be assembling keychains […]

Grief Speaker for July MHC Meeting

For this month’s Mental Health Connect Ambassador Meeting, we welcome Carolyn Kinzel, President and Founder of Brighter Days Family Grief Center. Brighter Days is an unparalleled family-focused grief center serving […]

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