Beginning April 24, 2021, Nativity Lutheran Church will allow face-to-face activities in the building for groups of 25 or less people. This would include meetings, study groups, baptisms, funerals, and weddings. People will need to wear masks and maintain social distancing.

Please complete the contact form at the bottom of this page and a staff person will contact you.

Please note that this policy may change at any time due to increasing infection rates.



A wedding is a gathering of the community of family and friends to praise God and to give thanks for the love of husband and wife, family and friends.


A celebration of the love a couple has found in each other and life together as the family of God.


As we gather before God, participants hear again the promises God makes to us in Jesus Christ, “For I have come to bring you life and to have it abundantly.” “Love one another as I have loved you.”


Couples promise before God, their family and friends that they will be faithful to each other and to God.


* =Required


  • * Growing Together $ 75.00 per couple


  • * Pastor $200.00
  • Organist/Pianist $200.00
    If rehearsal is required—additional $100.00
  • Vocalist $150.00
    If rehearsal is required—additional $75.00
  • Instrumentalist $200.00
    If rehearsal is required—additional $100.00
  • * Audio Technician $ 75.00
    If couple would like a DVD of the wedding an additional Technician is required $100.00
  • *Wedding Coordinator $175.00
  • *Custodian/Maintenance $150.00Candles
  • Unity and 2 Taper Candles $ 25.00
  • Aisle Candles (12) $ 50.00


  • Custodial/Maintenance $150.00

Topics Often Asked About

Air Conditioning

  • Building is air conditioned.


  • Not available through Nativity.


  • We have twelve aisle candles.
  • Fee: $50
  • Unity Candle and Two Tapers
  • You may purchase the set from Nativity at a cost of $25 or you may bring your own.
  • Nativity does not furnish candelabras
  • You may rent them from a florist.

Dressing Rooms Are Available

  • Men Room 116 on Lower Level
  • Women Room 213 on Upper Level
  • Hospitality Room 218 on Upper Level

Prayer Kneelers

  • Prayer kneelers are available for use.


  • Pastors officiate at wedding settings other than Nativity depending on schedule. Please negotiate with Officiating Pastor. Other Pastors/Priests can be involved with permission of Officiating Pastor.

Reception in Fellowship Hall

  • Seating—136 people comfortably
  • Tables—17 round tables, 60” in diameter, seat 8
  • 15 rectangular tables, size 3’x8’, seat 8

Dressing Rooms Are Available

  • Men Room 116 on Lower Level
  • Women Room 213 on Upper Level
  • Hospitality Room 218 on Upper Level

Reception in Commons Area

  • Seating—96 people
  • Tables—12 round tables, seat 8

Use of Rice or Birdseed

  • Not allowed by our insurance company due to liability issues.

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