Once small groups decide what they want to do, they will pick a time to meet with Kelly online to discuss what they will be doing and answer any questions they may have.  When the small group is finished with the project, they will meet as a group again with Kelly to discuss their experience and what they learned.  This discussion will be made into an advocacy video to share with the Nativity Community.  You will sign up directly with the organization through the link provided.  If you are unable to find a time to volunteer during Lent that is ok.  As long as you are the schedule before Confirmation ends for the Summer you are good!

There are social distancing protocols for all activities.  You have choices to be able to do this with just your small group together at a site or from home. Kelly will go over social distancing protocols once you have chosen an activity.

Meals on Wheels

Each small group member (with their family member who can drive) will sign up to help deliver meals. This takes about an hour to complete.  Or The small group can choose to create We Care Packages and deliver to Meals on Wheels.



Walk for Hunger

Find sponsors for a one mile walk (each person in the group). The goal is for each person to at least raise $40. See INFORMATION HERE

Feed My Starving Children

Food Packing (Only 5 people. Strict Rules to Follow)  INFORMATION HERE 

Love One Another

Sandwich Making – INFORMATION HERE

LSS- Safe House

Cook a Meal for 6 Adults- INFORMATION HERE

Our Village Reunion – Minneapolis Food Ministry

Outside Drive Up Food DistributionINFORMATION HERE

Little Kitchen Food Shelf

  Adopt A Food Shelf for Lent– During the 40 days of lent each household in the small group will collect food found on the list here.  Bring it to the church on March 28th and it will be packed up and taken to the food shelf.  MORE INFORMATION HERE

Advocacy Video

Small group will record themselves reading children’s books (Kelly will provide) about an advocacy topic to be shared with the Nativity Community.  Group will meet with Kelly online to discuss the advocacy subject.  Connect with Kelly.

March Hunger Calendar Challenge

Each day, the calendar will ask you a question. Example: How many pairs of shoes do you have?  Students will write the number.  Use the Hunger Piggy received in your Lent Packet to put coins to represent the number.  Example: You will get rolls of Nickels, Dimes, Quarters and use during this project. If you have 6 pairs of shoes you will put in 6 quarters. Connect with Kelly for Calendar and more information.

What is Confirmation?

Confirmation is a Rite within the Lutheran church, where baptized youth participate in a process of instruction, discernment, and growth in their faith. It ends with the Affirmation of Baptism, which is a youth’s opportunity to “say yes” to a God who “said yes” to them in their baptism and to commit themselves to the church and its mission. At Nativity, youth participating in the confirmation process will grow in their understanding of the Scriptures (both Old and New Testaments) as well as Lutheran history and theology, and they will be given regular, intentional, and supported opportunities to discern their own identity as a Child of God and their calling in the church and to the world.

Who participates in Confirmation?

Currently at Nativity, a youth will, typically, begin the confirmation process in November of 7th grade and will affirm their baptism in October of 10th grade. (PLEASE NOTE: this is the “typical” process, and the Nativity staff is willing to work with a youth who would be starting the confirmation process later or coming back after a break; though a youth cannot start confirmation earlier than 7th grade.)

When is Confirmation?

Confirmands in 7th – 9th grade will meet on various Wednesday evenings between the months of November and May. 7th & 8th graders will meet together from 7 – 8 pm and 9th graders will meet from 7:30 – 8:30 pm.

Confirmands in 10th grade will meet on Wednesday evenings in the months of September and October. 10th graders will meet together from 7 – 8 pm .

(Please reference your Confirmation Schedule for more details)

What are the expectations of Confirmation?

Confirmation is NOT an expectation of membership at Nativity. A youth doesn’t have to participate in the process if they are unwilling and/or unable. This is not a “have to” but a “get to”.

Confirmands are able to miss 3 of the 12 Wednesday evenings throughout the year, and are encouraged to attend their annual retreat to Luther Park in Danbury, WI. If a confirmand does miss more than 3 Wednesday evenings during the year, they will be expected to go through a missed lessons at home with a parent/guardian.

Confirmands are expected to complete 10 Service and 10 Growth Experiences throughout the program year.

  • Service Experiences can be acquired by volunteering within or outside the Nativity community (so long as they are deemed appropriate and do not satisfy a requirement of another organization). Service opportunities will be made known to confirmands on a regular basis. After the Service Experience, confirmands should fill out a Service/Growth Experience Form, available on Wednesday evenings and at the Welcome Desk. Turn these forms in to Pastor Ben personally or his box in the church office.
  • Growth Experiences can be acquired in two ways:
    1) Participation in a Nativity Growth Opportunity and filling out a Service/Growth Experience Form.
    2) Participation in worship and the completion of a Worship Experience Form; available at the Ushers’ Tables at the entrances to the Sanctuary. Turn these forms in to Pastor Ben personally or his box in the church office.
  • Advocacy Experience is a special kind of Service/Growth opportunity where Confirmands participate in a service project, visit an organization to learn about good work being done in the community, or attend a workshop on a social justice subject. Confirmation Small Groups are expected to do this experience together. Kelly Sherman-Conroy will work with Confirmation Small Groups in deciding which experiences they want to participate in. For more information, contact Kelly at

PLEASE NOTE: All yearly Service and Growth Experience expectations will be satisfied when a confirmand participates in one of Nativity’s summer Youth Service and Learning Trips (excluding the Confirmation Small Group Advocacy Experience expectation).

There is a suggested payment of $75.00 for each student, with a family maximum of $150. You may pay by check or by following the instructions on the confirmation page after you submit your registration.

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