Let’s Keep the IDI Momentum Going!


We appreciated everyone turning out for last weekend’s IDI event. Over 85 people joined us last Sunday to explore how Nativity can continue to grow in our inclusion and belonging. The great engagement speaks to our community’s commitment to this work! We enjoyed good food (shout-out to Catrina’s, a great BIPOC-owned restaurant in our neighborhood!), good company, and great conversation. Look for a fun, recorded recap on the program soon.

More than 100 people registered to take the IDI Assessment as one tool in helping us better understand where we are on this journey and how to keep moving forward together. There will be continuing opportunities to keep the momentum going and to take collective action!

In the meantime, there are several actions you can take today by emailing Deacon Kyle about the following (Kyle@nativitychurch.org):

1) Share with us “Faithful Next Steps” you think we should take–steps you would like to contribute to or participate in!

2) Join a Racial Equity and Justice Ministry Outreach Team Meeting or join the REJM mailing list.

3) Do a 1:1 Individual Debrief for your personal IDI results and a customized plan for next steps.

Anyone at Nativity who took the IDI Assessment can still take advantage of an Individual Debrief with a leader at CLNE. This is a 30-minute personal conversation about your individual results and goal setting for living into deeper intercultural competence.

To submit suggestions or questions or to sign up for either an IDI Debrief or the REJM email list, contact Deacon Kyle at Kyle@NativityChurch.org.