Serve Globally

This team responds to the reality that people in our global community are facing life challenges. They can benefit by our appropriate and timely help and care.

If you would like to join us in our effort to change the world, fill out the form below and the Facilitator of Community Engagement will contact you to follow up. Thank you.



This team recognizes the need to alleviate human suffering in the world and connects the Nativity Community to Global Mission opportunities focusing on health care and literacy.

Current Global programs include:

    * Donating, sewing, and assembling reusable feminine hygiene kits for young women mostly in India and Africa through a relationship with Nativity’s Women in Action

    * Providing support and donations to build a community center and clinic in Kenya through a relationship with the Rotary Club of Brooklyn Park

    * Donating softball gear to adolescents to form life changing environments for girls in Nicaragua through a relationship with Helping Kids Round First

    * Donating winter gear to UofM students annually through a relationship with the Hospitality Center for Chinese

Key Contacts: