Children and Youth

This ministry provides an opportunity to use your spiritual gifts to support Faith Formation by being age-group leaders for a 4 week session during the school year.

Volunteers (parent or other) are vital to the success of our faith formation programs, you will be leading by reading stories, helping with projects, taking attendance, and keeping the children focused on what is happening in the class.

For more information, contact:
Renee Hoffman – Pre-birth to Kindergarten

Karla Reiland and Leah Reddy – Grade 1- 4

Intern – Club 56 (grades 5-6)

Pastor Ben & Heather Anderson – Confirmation 7-10th grade

Pastor Ben – Young Adult

Heather Anderson – Senior High

Kelly Sherman-Conroy – Pre-birth to Young Adults & Families (Social Justice & Advocacy)


There are no upcoming events at this time.