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Camp Penuel Open House

Camp Penuel has a vision for sharing the gospel throughout Latin America while serving underprivileged children in Costa Rica. Nativity has a history of supporting Camp Penuel with mission trips and now has an opportunity to hear about what is going on at the Camp these days. Join others at the home of Lois and […]


World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day is held annually on June 20th to bring awareness to the plight of displaced humans around the globe. It is also a day to commemorate the strength and resilience that refugees display during the hardest of times. It is an opportunity for the world to think about human rights in the face of […]


Kits for Madagascar Work Session

The Global Outreach at Nativity “Days for Girls” Team is planning an event at Nativity to make Days for Girls kits for Madagascar. Why Madagascar? Nativity has two members, Julie Bonde and Lorna Larson, who lived in Madagascar in their early years as part of their missionary families. Madagascar has suffered a number of natural […]


Convergence of Holy Days

As we enter into the Three Days of Holy Week, people of other religions are also journeying into their holy days, including Vaisakhi, Mahavir, Jayanti, Passover, and Theravada New Year.  We wish all of our neighbors peace and blessings.


International Women’s Day 2022

Celebrating International Women’s Day & Women’s History Month March is Women’s History Month! Explore the important contributions women have made to American society with your child. International Women’s Day is on March 8th, and it is a day that can serve as a launching point for education and inspiration. The campaign for International Women’s Day […]


Global Outreach: Focus on Madagascar

An informational meeting will be held on December 11, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Learn about programs designed to help female students in Madagascar and to promote community health education there. We’ll also share future service opportunities with a focus on Madagascar (e.g. making female hygiene kits and packing a shipping container). FYI: This […]


ELCA Good Gifts: A Christmas Gift to Support World Hunger

The average American spends more than $700 on Christmas gifts each year. Rethink traditional gift-giving this holiday with ELCA Good Gifts. Give in honor of friends and family members and help support people in need. Hunger Outreach and Global Outreach are jointly organizing this holiday fundraising initiative. How to Participate: 1. Select an ornament from […]