Celebrating Global Outreach’s Projects and Partnerships for Lahaina, Maui


Steve and Nancy Laible are shown in the attached image delivering children’s books and a $2,500 grant to Rick Nava, member of the Rotary Club of Lahaina, Maui. The Rotary Club of Lahaina had 18 members at the time of the August 2023 wildfires that destroyed much of historic Lahaina. Six of the Rotary members lost their homes in the fire. Yet, most have some plan for recovery and, in spite of their personal devastation and loss, they are helping others. Rick is a community leader and is heavily in the mix of recovery planning and helping to make sense of all of the cross currents that are in play with insurance companies, FEMA, and disaster recovery organizations. Rick mentioned that one of the most lacking resources is mental health services for survivors, especially youth. The grant funding was provided by the Rotary Clubs of Rogers, Brooklyn Park, and Maple Grove along with the Nativity Lutheran Church Humanitarian Fund. Thanks to these organizations for caring for and sharing with others.

The second installment of Rotary and Nativity Lutheran Church help for Lahaina, Maui, was with The Salvation Army of Maui. The attached image shows Steve and Nancy Laible with Captain Steve Howard, The Salvation Army of Maui, delivering books and a $2,500 grant. The Salvation Army was mostly involved with coordinating food and meals for the victims of the August 2023 wildfires. Thousands of meals were prepared and served in the weeks following the fires. Currently, The Salvation Army has a very practical program of providing shower facilities and laundry services for the hundreds of homeless people on the island.