In the Commons: Letter Writing for Hunger


October 14-15, Around Weekend Worship Hours

This weekend Hunger Outreach and Global Outreach Ministries will host an in-person letter writing event in observance of World Food Day on Monday. It’s a chance to advocate for the hungry here and abroad by writing letters to our elected officials.

Congress is currently negotiating language in the Farm Bill, which governs how much funding the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) will receive and who will be eligible. For every meal provided by food banks, SNAP provides nine. Any cuts or restrictions to SNAP participation cannot be absorbed by the emergency food system—especially with demand surging as it is now.

Our goals for letter writing are to maintain supports for people and families in need, to keep food prices fair for farmers and consumers, to ensure an adequate food supply, and to protect and sustain our country’s vital natural resources.

To learn more about the importance of advocating for a fair Farm Bill, check out this Eater’s Guide to the Farm Bill, created by the Food in Neighborhoods Community Coalition.

If you can’t join us in person this weekend, you can submit letters through Bread for the World’s website. For information or questions about these campaigns, please contact Deacon Kyle at

Submit Letters through Bread for the World