Celebrating Our Faith Stories

We share and celebrate our individual faith stories together as we live out our commitments to Grow in Our Relationship with God, Strengthen Connections with one another, and Love Our Neighbors. Below you’ll find links and an invitation from our Faith Stories Lenten series.

2024 Lenten “Faith Stories” Series

February 14: Pastor Glenn Seefeldt
Ash Wednesday: “How Do I Know It’s God?” [VIDEO]
Reflection Question: Describe a time in your life when you felt like a child—deeply grateful. What did you do with your feelings of gratitude?

February 21: Pat Hendricks
“Road Map of a Faith Journey” [VIDEO]
Reflection Question: Name one person in your life who helped you along your journey of faith, and what is one insight you learned from them?

February 28: Bonnie Morris
“Planting Holy Roots” [VIDEO]
Reflection Question: Who or what event established your “holy root system”?

March 6: Freda Myrhwold
“God with Skin On” [VIDEO]
Reflection Question: Name or describe a person who felt like “God in person” or “God with skin on” and what impact that person or experience had on your faith journey. Have you ever felt like you were “God with skin on” for someone else?

March 13: Jules Bonde
“Hearing God Speak to Us” [VIDEO]
Reflection Question: Describe a time when you experienced God/Holy Spirit/Jesus speaking directly to you. How did that happen?

March 20: Jen Wannen
“Sacred Places in Our Faith Stories” [VIDEO]
Reflection Question: What is a sacred place in your faith story? What feelings or experience have you had there, and how has that place nurtured your connection with God?

Share Your Faith Story and Interest in Future Events on This Topic

We invite you to share your stories with these reflection questions below. Answer as few or as many as you’d like. If you’d like to offer permission for Nativity to include your story in future communications around the topic of faith stories, there’s a place you can indicate that.

You can also indicated if you’d be interested in exploring the topic of faith stories more in a future creative workshop or in meeting with a spiritual coach at Nativity. Thank you for journeying with us in this Lenten series.

Fall 2023 Faith Stories Series

The “Faith Stories” shared below highlight the kinds of spiritual connection, growth, and meaning your financial and service contributions support. Thank you to the entire Nativity community for your generosity.

Week One: “Edible Caterpillars”

Week Two: “A Funeral Conversation”

Week Three: “A Surprise Ending”

Week Four: “Smiles and Tears”