Faith Stories of Nativity: “Edible Caterpillars”


I noticed him walking slowly next to his dad, holding his carefully crafted edible caterpillar in front of him. “Wow,” I commented, “a caterpillar made out of grapes.”

“Yeah,” the little boy responded with great enthusiasm. “And you can eat it too!”

I knelt to take a closer look.

“His name is Squiggles,” explained the little boy. “He’s in the bible.”

“Yes, he is,” I nodded. “He helps teach us about God and Jesus in the Spark Bible.”

The little boy pulled on his father’s pant leg. “Dad, show him, Dad!”

His father reached into his backpack and pulled out the Spark Bible that the little boy had just received as part of Nativity’s 3-Year-Old Bible Milestone.

With a smile from ear to ear and eyes as big as plums, the little boy announced for all in the Commons to hear, “I can read this all by myself!”

“We can give you a little help,” his father added.

I smile every time I think of the edible caterpillar. I smile because Nativity is doing what it said it would do. In 2023, we committed to GROW in Our Relationship with God— growing faithful disciples among all ages.

Your giving provides for this commitment. It provides edible caterpillars, Spark Bibles, and caring staff to walk with parents in bringing the good news of God’s love to life for a 3-year-old boy. Your giving is growing faithful disciples among all ages.

Nativity, with the help of the Holy Spirit, grows disciples every day.

I invite you to consider giving to the work of God at Nativity, to continue this important commitment. Giving is a faith habit that helps clarify our values and set priorities, especially when we plan annual giving. To help in doing this, you can go to and fill out a “Statement of Intent.” Here you will be asked how much you would like to give and how often. Thank you for your generosity.

Grateful for you—and for edible caterpillars.

In Faith,

Pastor Glenn