Faith Stories: “Smiles and Tears”


Tears were beginning to trickle down her face as a stuffie comforted her.

I knelt next to her, asking, “May I help?”

A bit startled by my presence, she shook her head no.

It was Wednesday night at church, and the rehearsal for a play called “Christmas Hang-Ups,” had just finished. Mom was seated at a table in the Commons.

“She doesn’t want to go home,” she commented. “Nice problem to have, having a child who doesn’t want to go home after being at church.”

I smiled and nodded, “Yes, it is a nice problem to have.”

That mom was not alone. For weeks, I’d been hearing other children tell their parents that they weren’t ready to go home and wanted to stay and play with their friends. I wondered what it was about church that moved children to want to stay so badly. I decided to ask, and this is what they told me….


“It makes me happy!”

“I get to see friends that I don’t see in school.”

“We get to play hide and seek!”

“The kids that are included are really nice, AND fun to hang out with.”

“When I get overwhelmed at school, I sing songs from the musical and that helps calm me.”


“I love that my daughter is engaged with a diverse, safe, and supportive community who are dedicated to her spiritual and personal growth. I also enjoy being able to invite family and friends into our community to attend (in person and virtually) and experience the support and musical talent we experience weekly at Nativity.”

“I’ve seen my kids grow in confidence and skill as a direct result of their involvement in choir.”

“The kids don’t all go to school together, but they trust each other and truly enjoy being together. We love that our child experiences and learns about God’s love in tangible ways every week.”

In 2023, the people of Nativity committed its staff, its people, and its resources to strengthen connections.

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Pastor Glenn