Faith Stories: A Funeral Conversation


Have you ever noticed someone staring at you?

I noticed her as she was making her way into the Fellowship Hall for a funeral lunch. She was talking with a group of friends, but from time to time she would glance in my direction, as if to ask, “Do you remember me?”.

As she approached, I searched my memory for who she was—a familiar face but no name.

She reached out her hand with a smile. “It’s hard to believe it’s been seven years since I was here for my husband’s funeral.”

With those words, I remembered.

“My family and I felt so loved and cared for—the space, the beautiful funeral bulletin, the AV, the food, the music, the message, all of it telling us we matter. Just like today’s funeral for my friend. Love, care, and concern in every detail. I know now why my grandson comes here every Wednesday for Youth Group—what do you call it?

“SALT,” I replied. “It stands for Student Action Leadership Team.”

“You know, he never misses—unusual for a high school boy. They are so busy, but he comes. If youth group is anything like what you do for funerals, I know why he comes—to feel cared for by people who aren’t family. That’s a big deal these days.“

I nodded with a smile.

Her statement, “Love, care, and concern in every detail,” is a powerful affirmation and illustrates the work God has been doing through the people of Nativity.

Last year as we approached the beginning of 2023, the people of Nativity committed their intention and resources to STRENGTHEN CONNECTIONS inside and outside of Nativity, by showing love, care, and concern.

Your giving provides the space, the technology, the volunteers, the supplies, and the staff to show love, care, and concern when a loved one dies. Your giving likewise supports our youth as they gather on Wednesday evenings around a firepit, enjoying s’mores and faith talk.

Nativity, with the help of the Holy Spirit, helps make connections inside and outside of Nativity every day.

I invite you to consider giving to the work of God at Nativity to continue this important work. Giving is a faith habit that helps clarify values and set priorities, especially when we plan annual giving. To help in doing this, you can go to and fill out a “Statement of Intent.”

Here you will be asked how much you would like to give and how often.

Thank you for your generosity.

Grateful for you and for your love, care, and concern.

In Faith,

Pastor Glenn