FAITH AT HOME for Families of Littles – April 4 & 5


Hosanna! It’s Palm Sunday!

Join Miss Renee & Evan as they show you how to act out this fun story of Jesus being celebrated!

Music Time

Sing “Hello Hello” 

“The Joy of the Lord”

Watch Miss Karla teach “Hosanna To the Son of God”

Story Time & Story Playtime!

Palm Sunday is the start of Holy Week, were remember Jesus triumphal entry to Jerusalem, having Passover with His friends (called the Last Supper), being arrested, dying on the cross, and then 3 days later rising again! So we wanted to give your family some suggestions how to celebrate these most holy of days by making a Holy Week Bingo Card. Pick a few or do them all, whatever works for you! You can start today by reading “Palm Sunday” chapter of the Spark Story Bible on pg 358.

Click HERE to download Nativity Holy Week Bingo!

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Families with Babies & Toddlers

Here are some extra activities & coloring sheets for the  Frolic “Jesus Dies” & “Jesus Rises” pages

Click HERE to download Frolic Holy Week Activities!

Pray Together

“Jesus thank you for

Coming to Earth (bring hands over head and back down)

Loving us (make a hug with arms)

Saving us (make a cross with arms or fingers)

And living in my heart (make a heart with hands)


Bless Each Other

Make a heart with your hands (or just a hand) and place on each others hearts

Say “Jesus lives in your heart!”