FAITH AT HOME for Grades 1-4 – April 4 & 5


A message from Karla Reiland.

 Worship Time:

Make the sign of the cross (Touch forehead, then heart. Touch one shoulder, then the other.) As you make the cross say, “Love God, Love Neighbor”

Offering: Will you make an offering today? We’re sending a check and a little happy note to the church office 🙂

Sing: Thank you, God for giving us life. Thank you, God for giving us life. Thank you, God for giving us life. Right where we are! (Sing as many verses as you like, changing the underlined word to anything you are thankful for.)

Pray: The Lord’s Prayer


Are you feeling rather shocked at how much your life has changed in the last few weeks? Do you think Jesus really understands how we feel? On one hand, Jesus is the Son of God and he had special, miraculous powers. On the other hand, Jesus is also called the Son of Man because he was truly human and felt all the feelings that we do. Let’s read two small parts of the Holy Week story and wonder how Jesus felt about being cheered and called a King on Palm Sunday and being treated as a criminal just 5 days later…

Palm Sunday, Holy Week & Easter Readings and Activities

Palm Sunday is the start of Holy Week, were remember Jesus triumphal entry to Jerusalem, having Passover with His friends (called the Last Supper), being arrested, dying on the cross, and then 3 days later rising again! So we wanted to give your family some suggestions how to celebrate these most holy of days by making a Holy Week Bingo Card. Pick a few or do them all, whatever works for you! You can start today by reading the Palm Sunday story in Mark 11:1-11

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