Checking in with 1-1 Conversation Hosts


After having a 1-1 conversation with the interested host, take some time to check in with them.


1) Thank them for filling out the 1-1 Conversation Eval:


2) Thank them for their interest in hosting conversations!


3) Share the 1-1 Conversation Guide and Outline:                                               . You can also provide a paper copy, which can be found in the church office or printed from this folder:


4) Give them time to scroll it and see if they have any questions. We can always get back to them with answers at a later time if needed.


5) Before they go, cover the importance of being mindful while hosting 1-1 conversations by highlighting the following:


i. We aim to listen roughly 70% of the time and speaking roughly 30% of the time.


ii. We aim to listen without judgement and affirm their concerns without ‘fixing’ them.


iii. We strive to avoid microaggressions.

“Microaggressions are defined as the everyday, subtle, intentional — and oftentimes unintentional — interactions or behaviors that communicate some sort of bias toward historically marginalized groups” or anyone. 


iv. Tips for Active Listening

“Involves paying attention to the conversation, not interrupting, and taking the time to understand what the speaker is discussing. The “active” element involves taking steps to draw out details that might not otherwise be shared.”


v: Likewise, mirroring body language and repeating back what has been heard, affirms deep listening.


6) Thank them again. And Offer support anytime via yourself and or Kyle (Kyle@NativityChurch.Org) and end the conversation organically.