1-1 Conversation Guide and Outline


This is the 1-1 Listening Campaign: Guide and Outline

This is a Guide for you, the Conversation Host.


i. To connect with an interested participant, find their email information here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UJEelgz0xaUer4gCQDmhmeNpUmfns5TuSDGacdTBJI8/edit?usp=sharing . Please update the form as you begin inviting people. Please indicate if they accept, decline, or participate. You can check to see if specific people have already been invited by pressing ctrl & f on your keyboard at the same time and then searching by first or last name.


ii. Send them an email using templates and schedule the conversation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Vbx9sKfdTwP7XnO0m3DPiKH_o9wk1yspWLSFqEQEAa4/edit# . If they would like to meet virtually, at Nativity, or at the NE Coffee Shop, Kyle (Kyle@NativityChurch.Org) can provide you with a zoom link, a room at Nativity, or a coffee gift card for you both. Please email him.


iii. Before the meeting, please make sure participants have filled out the Preferences Questionnaire: https://www.nativitychurch.org/preferences-questionnaire/


iv. You can find a printable form all of the relevant materials here, if you’d like a paper copy for reference: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1eJj5GnKgWaztsyAh4hUkK6i4vrTKScvL?usp=sharing


v. Before the end of a conversation, please make sure participants have filled out the 1-1 Conversation Eval. They should be able to do this in private, on their phone, computer, or on a printed form, but we want to ensure it is done: https://www.nativitychurch.org/1-1-conversation-eval/


vi. Before the end of a conversation with a prospective 1-1 conversation host, also take some time to check in with them, covering these items: https://www.nativitychurch.org/checking-in-with-1-1-conversation-hosts/


vii. After the conversation, please enter the conversation notes in the form at the bottom of this page. With permission of course.


viii. After the conversation, please enter all Beacon Related Conversation Feedback here: https://form.jotform.com/BeaconIHC/powerful-together


1) Start the Conversation with Introductions:

  1. A) Who are you and why are you hosting?
  2. B) Why is it important to you?
  3. C) Your Hopes for this Conversation as a Host.


2) Thank them again for participating:

A) Reiterate that we are listening to the community, in order to know what is important to them, and to build it into our mission.

B) Share with them, that by design, we will take notes during and after the conversation. We would however be more than happy to not take notes if anyone desires. We can also gather conversation feedback anonymously as desired.

* Information collected, will be used to create user profiles in our new church database, Realm; a software tool supporting our empowerment as a community to live a shared mission of Loving God & Loving Neighbor.


3) Begin the conversation:

i.e., Family, Travel, Health, Time, etc.,
i.e., Love, New Experiences, Quality of Life, Independence. etc., “Those are your values” (Note to Host: Share quote with Participant)
(Note to host) Conversation Prompt: Focus More on? Focus Less on?
(Note to host) Conversation Prompt: Work More on? Work Less on?
(Note to host) Example, if they suggested we should focus more on advocating for 'the unhoused' and work on affordable housing, you are asking what role do they want to play in advocating for 'the unhoused' and working on affordable housing.
(Note to host) Conversation Prompt: Your Aspirations, Dreams, Goals, Desires, Hopes, and Wishes, for Nativity, the ELCA, and the Christian Church.
(Note to host) Conversation Prompt: As your church home? As your community? Especially During the Pandemic? Other?
(Note to host) Conversation Prompt: In your Faith Life? In your Family Life? In your Community Life? In General? During the Pandemic? Other?
i.e., What is your theology or understanding of God or Christ’s role in your life? And how does it make a difference for you? Help you to Find meaning? Other?
(Note to Host) Include here, with permission, anything you chatted about that is not listed....