The work of the Holy Spirit is an awesome mystery for us. Because of the way these spiritual gifts are given to us and manifested in individuals, it is better to provide a description rather than a narrow, one-size-fits-all definition. Like the spiritual gifts assessment, these descriptions are not definitive but paint a beautiful tapestry of the Holy Spirit at work in God’s people.


The spiritual gift that enables the receiver to communicate a personal understanding of the Bible, faith, and other matters in such a way that it becomes clear and understood by others.

People with this gift are usually: analytical, disciplined, perceptive, teachable, authoritative, practical, articulate.

Cautions for people with this gift: becoming too detailed when teaching, and losing sight of the reason for teaching; remembering that their spirituality is not measured by how much they know.

Biblical references: 1 Corinthians 12:28, Matthew 5:1–12, Acts 18:24–28

Adapted from Gifts for You: Opening Your Spiritual Gifts and used here with permission. Copyright © 2011 Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Written by Valora K Starr.  www.womenoftheelca.org/filebin/pdf/resources/SpiritualGifts.pdf


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