Honoring Marilyn Eberlein As She Retires


Marilyn’s service to Lutheran congregations began when she was in the 9th grade. As the only person who could play piano in her church in Miltona, MN (near Alexandria), she was asked to play for Sunday services and the Lenten season. Her mother would not allow her to skip school to play for funerals, although she was willing to do so. Marilyn’s church involvement continued as she taught Bible study at a church in Austin, MN, and it was there that she realized she loved teaching about the Scriptures.
When Nativity was in its early stages, she and Allen and baby Tori joined. She was invited to be a part of Lutheran Social Service Auxiliary and eventually, she became president of that organization. The Church Women group held a Bible study and Marilyn began to teach for that group. When Jerry Hoffman became pastor, he sent her to a two year course in the Bible. “I didn’t know that Jerry knew me that well to send me. I was the only woman and the only lay person. I have always been thankful to Jerry for having the courage to ask me to do this as a woman.” Marilyn’s education continued when she took courses in the School of Theology at Luther Seminary. Marilyn reflects, “I always respected people’s time if they came to a Bible study. I wanted to be sure I prepared well and had all the facts accurate.”
Marilyn is very much a part of Nativity today, attending the 10:30am service, the Wednesday morning Bible study, Lutheran Social Service Circle, and the Legacy Giving Program. She recently moved to Chandler Place.
We will be honoring Marilyn at the special worship service on October 16th from 11:00-11:45 followed by lunch.