Nativity Quilters Remember


Nativity’s Quilters have donated hundreds of quilts to people all over the world. The group began in September 1967 as “Day of Caring.” Scraps of material from drapes, bed spreads, and blankets were used for filler, and new fabric was used for the top and bottom of the quilt. Quilts were tied with colorful yarn and hemmed. All quilts were given to Lutheran World Relief, and the first ones went to children in Vietnam.
Franky Sandberg was instrumental in starting this group. Many remember Franky as the “cookie lady.” because she would bring cookies to the Sunday services. The quilters followed Franky’s example, and during the coffee break, there was laughter, jokes, and an abundance of home baked goods. “We always went home on a sugar high and extra baked goods,” remembers Lucy Edlund.
Kay Bjorke remembers, “In the summer, I would bring my daughter and her playmate, and they would sit under the quilt frame and poke the large plastic needle through to us above. They always went home with bits of scraps for their dolls.”
Nativity Quilters will meet for the last time, December 5th. Many women, and a few men, have been a part of this ministry for 52 years. These gracious people have the satisfaction that their quilts, and the love in their hearts, have gone to provide warmth to countless people.
A table of memorabilia will be on display on October 16th for the worship service and luncheon which begins at 11:00 AM. I extend a special invitation to the people who have been part of Nativity Quilting all these years.