Club 56 – Feb 13



This year, we use Echo as our storytelling to help us relate to God’s story to discover meaning and develop fresh insights. It is our prayer that you can engage with your family using creative writing, drawing, and conversation.

Each week, students will use an Echo Journal to complete the weekly activities. If you like an Echo Journal at home, please contact Heather.


Find a Candle that you can light, and keep it with your Club 56 gear
Invocation: the act of inviting or welcoming or acknowledging that God is present in our space.

As you light your candle, say this invocation out loud: “I light this candle in the name of God, our Creator; Jesus, our Savior; and the Holy Spirit, our Inspirer. The three in one!”

Opening Question

What is something that you worry about?

*Parent tip: Parents, please give space for your kids to have worries (and other feelings). Do not tell them “Don’t worry about that”. We want to validate our kids and their experiences. If you hear something that you do not know how to handle, please reach out to a staff person at Nativity (We are here to help).


The material we are using is called Echo, so let us echo the last section 🙂 Review the previous sections with your student (Jesus’ birth, baptism, his followers, Hope and Healing Jesus can give us, Miracles, and Kingdom ways). The most recent stories we covered are the parables. Re-read those here Parables

Do you have any new insight or questions that you have reflected on?


Last week we were challenged to create an Instagram story that the Younger Son from the Lost Son would have had. This week, we’re going to Twitter 🙂

Create two tweets using the Parabel of the Sower of the Seeds (Matthew 13:1-9) and the Parabel of the Great Feast (Luke 14:16-24). Tweets need to be 140 characters or less and don’t forget your #hashtag!


Take a moment to share your tweets with those around you. Did you leave any part of the story out? Why or why not? What was the most important part for you to share?

Think of the parable of the seeds. Based on this story, what do you think God is like?

Take a moment to think of the parable that Jesus told while at the dinner with the Pharisees (The Great Feast).  What do you think it would have been like to be a guest at that table? Why do you think the Pharisees became angry at Jesus? Based on this story, what do you think God is like?

Now, take a moment to think about the parable of the Lost Son. Of the 3 characters in this story, who do you identify with the most? Why do you think the older son was angry? Based on this story what do you think God is like?

What do all of these stories say about God? About us?

When you pray…

In the parable of the seed and the soil, some of the seeds fell on good soil and were able to grow and grow. Write a short prayer asking God to help your faith grow and produce “good fruit” that you can use to bless others. Say this prayer each morning and night this week.

Thank you for joining us today! If you have a student in Grade 5 or 6, sign them up for Club 56 today! If you have questions about this resource or would like additional information, please contact Heather or Pastor Ben.