Celebrating Advent and Christmas – “Emmanuel: God with us”


Our Advent and Christmas theme this year at Nativity is “Emmanuel: God with us.” The name Emmanuel first shows up in the book of Isaiah, and again, centuries later, in the Gospel of Matthew, where we read that it means “God is with us.” In this four-week season of Advent, well discern how the message, “God with us,” gives us hope, peace, joy, and love. How are we being called to anticipate and prepare for the coming of Jesus, Emmanuel, into our lives and world today? 

Christmas Worship Schedule:
Friday, December 24—Christmas Eve 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm, 7:00 pm, 9:00 pm
Saturday, December 25—Christmas Day 10:30 am
Sunday, December 26—One Worship at 10:30 am, “Hymns of Christmas”
Sunday, January 2—One Worship at 10:30 am, “Contemplative: Pray in the New Year”