Weekend Prayers – February 25-26, 2023



Below are the names of those we pray for this week.
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The following names were correct as of February 24, 2023:

Prayers of Healing for:

Jan Stroom, Christy, Al Bier, Joel Setterholm, Sharon Wyberg, Goldie Taber, Jim Voytovich, Roland DeFeyter, Roger King, Bob Burge, Janelle Soderberg, John Johnson, Joe Nesser, Paul Nielsen, Sue Lyon, Steve A., Rosemary S. and Suanne T., Jim Peterson, Beth Wajahn, Jill, Bill Burce.

Prayers of Serenity for Those in the Twilight of Life in Transition to Eternal Life:

Marlene Carlson, Patricia B., Virginia Peters, Francis O’Brien

Prayers of Comfort for Those Who Grieve:

For the family and friends of those who have recently died, including Ken Wyberg, Steve Reid and for the family and friends of those whose loved one has died during the coming week in years past, especially James Tanzer, Warren Dahlin, and Walter Petroski.

Prayers of Those Expecting the Arrival of a Child:

Isaac & Kaitlyn Johnson

Jake & Deanna Davies

Prayers of Thanksgiving for the Arrival of a Child:

William Henry Harper, son of Andrea & Chris Harper and grandson of Pat & Earl Hendricks, 2/2/23

Weston Mark Rehlinger, Great-Grandson of Bev & Gene Bjerkebek 11/30/22

Wesley Gerald Anderson, Grandson of Jim and Brenda Anderson 9/18/22

Tatum Therese to Mikayla & Lucas Taddonia 9/2/22

Prayers for Those Recently or Soon to be Baptized:

Daniel Nicholas, son of Lindsay & Nick Carideo 12/23/22

Lily May, daughter of Nick & Jasmine Carlblom 1/8/23

Caroline M. Kirchmann, daughter of Kaitlyn & Ethan 1/15/23

Benjamin Hugo LaMoore, son of Morgan & Angela LaMoore 2/12/23

EJ Caines, son of Mageen & Brian Caines 2/26/23

Lena Lois Fischer, daughter of Todd & Whitney Fischer 3/12/23

Prayers for Those Recently or Soon to Be Married:

Mackenzie Hudak & Allan Scherschligt 11/19/22

Sarah Weatherman & Jay Zachman 4/15/23

Dan Spenny & Connie Nelson

Laura Modl & Travis Uecker 5/20/23

Makayla Anderson & Zach Eicher 5/26/23

Blair Eckman & Joe Wehr 6/17/23

Shauna Dean & Robert O’Brian 8/4/23

Nina Cecere & Jackson Zeiler 9/15/23

Sophie Anderson & Tyler Sutherland 10/13/23

Steve Karschnia & Isabel Kleinschmidt Garcia 6/1/24

Emily Onken & Nicholas Steen 10/19/24

Prayers for Those Celebrating Anniversaries of Relationship:

Debra Gunnerson & Dale Delaria 35 years