Weekend Prayers – February 19-20, 2022



Below are the names of those we pray for this week.
If you have a prayer request, please fill out the form here: www.nativitychurch.org/prayer-request/, or call 612.781.2766.

The following names were correct as of February 18th, 2022:

Prayers of Healing for:

Barb Bray, Hannah Dalanger, Esther Schwalbe, Maya O., Curt Carlson, Merodie & Paul Nielsen, Wayne Geist, Sandy Hansmann, Jim Anderson, Richard Gaunt, Dave Beaman, Pete LeBak, John Sorenson,  Joel Setterholm, Joel Anderson, Jim Pirino, Jim Steinwand, Jim Holden, Sue Lyon, Allen & Sandy Draves,  Judy Miller, Shay Tilander, Patty Taylor, Kathleen Worms, and Julie Bonde.

Prayers of Comfort for Those Who Grieve:

For the family and friends of those who have recently died, especially the family and friends of Casey Haveri, Gina Baggenstoss, Charley Burce, and Marge Dow and for the family and friends of those who have died during the coming week in years past, the family and friends of Doug Wannen, Lois Muehlenberg, Dale Stolt, and Rodney Lewis.

Prayers of Safety & Guidance for Those Serving in the Military & Prayers of Reassurance for Their Families:

Mason GumbinerNik Lomen, Luke Thompson, Tanner LaMotte, Kaku-Waaq Ephraim, Samuel Anderson, Brian & Jeanette Chaffee, Katie Lindman, Thomas Grimes, Leif Anderson, Paul Tombarge, Amanda Berg, Jesse Gorzynski, and Nick Holten

Prayers of Thanksgiving for the Arrival of a Child:

Finley Charles, son of Holly and Jason Dayton 12/15/21

Owen Nobuyoshi Frederickson to Paul & Kayo 12/3/21

Harrison to Christa & Darek Reader 9/21/21

Peter Aaron Horsager born to Phillip & Megan Horsager  8/29/21 

Anders to Nicholas & Jill Livingston 8/6/2021

Lily Mae to Jasmine & Nick Carlblom 8/2/21

Amelia George to Claire & George McFall 7/4/21

Prayers for Those Recently or Soon to be Baptized:

Annika Jewell Rekdal, daughter of Linnea & Scott 12/12/21

Raelyn Ella, daughter of Jimmy & Tammy Melland 12/12/21

Clara Ann Hladilek, daughter of Megan & Nathan Hladilek 12/26/21

Harrison John, son of Christa & Darek Reader 1/16/22

Oaklin K. Rodriguez and Malone T. Kuykendall, children of Makaela K. Kuykendall 3/6/22

Finley Charles, son of Holly & Jason Dayton 4/24/22

Prayers for Those Recently or Soon To Be Married:

Jackie Bredsten & Spencer Olson 8/7/21

Amy Olander and Sabas Tabucol 9/17/2021

Tracey Kimball & Matt Parins 1/15/22

Mackenzie Hudak & Allan Scherschligt

Sophie Anderson & Tyler Sutherland

Dan Spenny & Connie Nelson

Leah McDougal & Jake Pletscher

Zach Eichler & Makayla Anderson

Prayers for Those Celebrating Anniversaries of Relationship:

Andrew & Miranda Peterson 5 years

Trevor & Shannon Hoff  10 years

Please Note: We strive to list the prayer requests and names correctly. If a correction is needed or you would like a name removed or added please inform the church office at 612.781.2766.