Weekend Prayers – Aug 20-21, 2022



Below are the names of those we pray for this week.
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The following names were correct as of Aug. 19, 2022:

Prayers of Healing for:

Betty Bordwell, Amy Kujawski, Jim Geueke, Carol Calder, Christina King, Julie & Donny Italiano, Sheldon Christenson, Sandy and Ken Wing, Helen Jackson, Mark Papasodora, Bob & Pat Meyer, Mike Vye, Sandy Strum, Jim Dew, Pat Hall, Stan Nelson, Tammy Roy, Alyssa, Kaley, Shirley Olsen, Marlys Hinricks, Jim Steinwand, John Cotter, Goldie Taber, Sandi Weisenberger, Julie Isaacson, Michael Guest, Deb Reddy, Paul Nielsen, Jim Anderson, Joel Setterholm, Sue Lyon.

Prayers of Comfort for Those Who Grieve:

For the family and friends of those who have recently died, Cathy Jacobsen, LaMayne Vacek, Polly Sorensen, Melodee Dorr, and Ruth Emerson, and for the family and friends of those whose loved one has died during the coming week in years past, the family and friends of Kevin Jensen Jr., Ron Main, and Brian Paulsen.

Prayers of Those Expecting the Arrival of a Child:

Mikayla & Lucas Taddonia

Jake & Deanna Davies

Prayers of Thanksgiving for the Arrival of a Child:

Daniel Nicholas to Lindsay & Nick Carideo 7/17/22

Moses Corduroy to Autumn Collins & Chase Ward 6/18/22

Finley Charles to Holly & Jason Dayton 12/15/21

Owen Nobuyoshi Frederickson to Paul & Kayo 12/3/21

Prayers for Those Recently or Soon to be Baptized:

Clara Annalea Haug, daughter of Tim & Marion Haug 5/14/22

Lavin LF Kimball, son of Lindsay Kimball & Mark Fangmeier 5/22/22

Prayers for Those Recently or Soon To Be Married:

Harrison Redepenning & Liz 9/24/2022

Mackenzie Hudak & Allan Scherschligt 11/19/22

Laura Modl & Travis Uecker 5/20/23

Makayla Anderson & Zach Eicher 5/26/23

Shauna Dean & Robert O’Brien 8/4/23

Nina Cecere & Jackson Zeiler 9/15/23

Sophie Anderson & Tyler Sutherland 10/13/23

Dan Spenny & Connie Nelson

Leah McDougal & Jake Pletscher

Prayers for Those Celebrating Anniversaries of Relationship:

Elaine & Foster Cole 30 years