UPDATE on The Bangladesh School Project

The Bangladesh School Project is part of  the Nativity Lutheran Church Global Outreach Team. It is important to note that many of the Community Outreach Teams and the people and organizations we serve are “Mission Partners”. The Bangladesh School Project is “us”… Nativity Lutheran Church.
In 2015 there was not school at the village. A teacher would visit the village two days a week and have literacy classes outside where the children would gather and sit on the ground.

Nancy with village children at the ground breaking for the village school.

Opening of the school in 2018.

A component of the Bangladesh School Project is support for the Chaklabazar School, a village school that is part of Livingstone School Bangladesh (LSB).
Hoop Heros 2015.

Hoop Heros 2016

Hoop Heros 2017

In 2015, Steve and Nancy, led the effort to build a village school. For at least ten years, offerings from the Faith Formation, grades 1-4, have been dedicated, in part, to various small projects as part of the Bangladesh School Project. In 2015, the role of ‘Nativity children’ being involved in global mission was expanded to include Club 56 and a fundraising event called ‘Hoop Heroes’.
The offerings and Hoop Hero events have helped raise over $10,000 during the past three years. Thus, we are calling attention to this accomplishment through the presentation (and headline), It takes a Child to Raise a Village.
The use of the funds from Nativity children can be described as follows:
  • $5,000 was used together with $10,000 from other sources to build the small school facility.
  • $2,500 was used in 2016 to pay the cost of a teacher to serve at the village school
  • $2,500 was used in 2017 to pay the cost of desks and chairs for the children at the school
There are approximately 30 children who attend the village school and directly benefit from the gifts and energy of the Nativity children.
There are also 18 children from the village who travel (about 4 miles) to the Livingstone Elementary School.
On Sunday May 6, 2018 Steve and Steve and Nancy Laible presented this update at our Popular Topics presentation.