“Thank You” from Cross of Glory after Daunte Wright death


Dear Friends of Nativity,

On behalf of the Cross of Glory and Brooklyn Center community I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks for your generous contribution to our work here as we seek to be the church in the wake of Daunte Wright’s death. Even in the midst of the grief and pain in our community these past few weeks, we’ve been so moved to witness & to be stewards of the outpouring of generosity from churches like you. THANK YOU! Your generous gift will go towards supporting our response to the needs of our neighbors in the days and weeks to come.
Once again, thanks for taking part in this important work. We’re so grateful to join together with you to share God’s love in the Brooklyn Center community.

Pastor Ali Tranvik and the Brooklyn Center community

Donations collected at the April 16 prayer vigil for Daunte Wright were dropped off at Cross of Glory Lutheran Church in Brooklyn Center where the fellowship hall of the church was distributing donations. The money given (over $500) will be used to purchase needed supplies and food in the coming days and weeks. Thank you Nativity for your generosity and the time spent together at the vigil on April 16.