Pastor Nancy Carlson Begins Visitation


pastornancyOur beloved visitation Pastor John Almlie experienced a stroke in the summer of 2015. He has made good progress in his recovery. The stroke did, however, affect Pastor John’s memory and he is no longer able to drive. Pastor John makes some visits with the help of his wife Sandy, but most of his visits are done using the phone. We are grateful for Pastor John and Sandy and their ministry among us.
In order to help with pastoral care for those who are experiencing illness, home bound, dealing with end of life issues or issues related to aging, Pastor Nancy Carlson begins June 1, 2016 working 8-10 hours per week. Pastor Nancy is an ELCA pastor currently serving as a chaplain at Augustana Care Chapel View in Hopkins. Prior to this call, she did her chaplaincy residency at Methodist Hospital in St. Louis Park. Her first call was as pastor at Westwood Lutheran Church in St. Louis Park where she is also a police and fire chaplain.
Pastor Nancy is a familiar face at Nativity, she has volunteered to lead Cradle Worship along with Jan Campbell for four plus years. She brings a genuine caring presence to the community along with a quick smile and a playful personality. Please introduce yourself to Pastor Nancy. She is eager to learn your name.