Pandemic Update


This message is an update on when and how we might return to activities and worship in the building. The pandemic has disrupted life as we knew it. Now we begin to put the pieces back together but it will not be like it was. I am anxious to gather as a community but only if we can do so safely. So, If present trends continue, it is our plan to begin activities for groups of 25 or less sometime the end of April beginning of May. This may include meetings, study groups, baptisms, funerals and weddings. Again let me remind you that groups must number 25 people or less. If things continue in a positive direction, it is our plan to begin holding worship in the building the end of May beginning of June. Worship will be conducted with safety in mind including masks and social distancing. The Worship schedule will change to ensure safety; we are working out the details. A team of medical personnel, staff and Nativity Council continue to monitor transmission rates (especially of the viral variants) immunization rates, business openings, and how the virus impacts the openings. Thank you for your patience and understanding.