Results and Resources from 3-Part Series: Standing Against Christian Nationalism



With growing concern over the Christian Nationalist movement, a mix of local clergy and lay leaders gathered to learn and envision opportunities for collective action. Below, find recordings of all three sessions and additional online resources. For more information or to connect about finding your place in ongoing advocacy and collective action, please email Grace Gee:

Session 1:

Learn what Christian Nationalism is and how it’s being used to promote a national ideology that has nothing to do with Jesus’ teachings about love.

What is Christian Nationalism? (Online Sermon)

Program Recording (10.08.23)

2023, October 8 – Resource List (Online Doc.)

Session 2:

Hear ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth A. Eaton speak about her concern and her thoughts on ecumenical advocacy against Christian Nationalism.

Program Recording (10.15.23)

Session 3:

Listen to those who came together to discuss how we, as one body of Christ from the ELCA and beyond, will show up and take loving, collective action. We shared ways we can offer and demonstrate a true-to-scripture, Jesus-based narrative to counter Christian Nationalism.

What is Christian Nationalism? (Online PDF)

Program Recording (10.22.23)

2023, October 22 – Summary Notes (Online Doc.)


Additional Online Resources (Word Docs):

2023 God is Love Bible Texts

Christians Against Christian Nationalism

Good Samaritan Parable