Nativity Civil Rights Tour Video Presentations

Mark and Leslie Swiggum’s retirement passion and mission is to invite others to join them on a journey where the participants will go to the places where significant events happened, meet people who were the “ground soldiers,” hear stories of their experiences and become knowledgeable about the story of the movement. They have led over 20 different groups. This is their personal mission. They accept no personal financial gain.
In November 2019 a group of 17 members and friends of Nativity had the privilege to make the seven day journey. In a series of eight video presentations you will see and hear about whom they met, what stories about the movement they learned and how their perspectives of the Civil Rights Movement and people of color have been altered.
The presentations are not in sequence. We recommend you begin by watching the first presentation which is an interview of Mark and Leslie Swiggum. The other seven presentations are focused on different components and stand alone. In the presentations relevant biblical passages are identified and encouragement for action are made.
They are available to be viewed at home, at church or as a stimulus for group conversations to learn the story and hear the call as how we as Christians can be allies and friends with people of color.
View all 8 presentation on our YouTube channel: