Family Faith Formation – July 4 & 5


Family Faith Formation – July 4 & 5

Holy Moly! Deborah

Join us each week as a family to have fun together with some of God’s great stories. We’re starting diving into July with stories of strong Godly women!

Start by picking a welcome video from Miss Karla or Miss Renee

Worship Together

Make the sign of the cross (Touch forehead, then heart. Touch one shoulder, then the other.) As you make the cross say, “Love God, Love Neighbor”


How will you make an offering today?


School Age: Thank you, God for giving us life!  OR Find out if anyone in your family can sing America the Beautiful.

Littles: He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands – pick any combination of verses
Verse 1: He’s got the whole world in His hands
Verse 2: He’s got really big rainbows in His hands
Verse 3: He’s got all God’s Children in His hands
Verse 4: He’s got all kinds of families in His hands
Verse 5: He gives us peace with His hands
NEW Verse 6: He gives all the leaders with His Hands

Prayer: Dear God, thank you for our blessings and our freedoms. Help us to keep working for equality and justice and showing your love to all people.  Amen.

Holy Moly! Family Movie Time

Sharing and Discussion

In the story today, Deborah was a “judge”. Those were the leaders of the Israelites, before they had Kings. (That’s why her story is in the book of the Bible called “Judges”.) It was her job to be the ruler of her people, settle their arguments, and also make the battle decisions. What do you think a “judge” does in our society today? Is it the same or different as Deborah’s job?

Read the Bible Together

School Age Kids: Judges 4:4-10

Littles: Spark Story Bible page 106 or Frolic Preschool Bible page 28

Digging deeper:

What else does the Bible say about justice and mercy? Look up Exodus 23:1-9 and fill in these blanks.

Vs. 1 Do not spread _____ reports.
Vs. 2 Do not follow the crowd in doing _____.
Vs. 4 If you come across your ______ ox or donkey wandering off, be sure to take it back to him.
Vs. 6 Do not deny justice to your _____ people in their lawsuits.
Vs. 8 Do not accept a _____.
Vs. 9 Do not oppress an _____.  (*In this case, the word means someone from another country.)

Family Activities

Liberty torch art:
Our torch is made with one piece of green construction paper, rolled and taped into a cone shape, then stuffed with red, orange and yellow tissue paper to represent the flame. You may have the exact same items because we handed them out at the June drive thru, or you may use any of your own items. If you prefer to skip the art, grab a flashlight, hold it high and tell why you are grateful for freedom or share stories about relatives who traveled to the United States a long time ago!

Take a virtual trip!
The National Park Service has a virtual tour of the Statue of Liberty- inside and out! Use this link, then enter the tour. Use the toolbar at the bottom to click on a “scene” and then click “start autorotation”.

Click HERE more Family Activities and Coloring Pages!

Pray Together

Try using the 5 Finger Prayer to pray for how we all can be leaders for our country.

Thumb: Those closest to you
Pointer: Those that point the way (teachers. doctors, pastors)
Tallest: Those that lead us (politicians, police, scientists)
Ring: Those that are the weakest amongst us
Pinky: For yourself

Bless Each Other

Give each other a high five and say “thanks for being a good citizen!”