Fall Family Faith Formation – Oct 8


Fall Family Faith Formation – Oct 8

Join us each week this Fall as a family to celebrate God wonderful promises for us!

Pick from watching our Welcome Videos, Worship Together, Reading the Bible, Talk About It, Family Activities, Pray Together and Bless Each Other – or do them all!

Welcome Video

Enjoy this fun blast from the past from Ms Karla & Ms Leah!

Worship Together

Share in some faith practices of worship together!

Shine a Light: Light a candle saying, “Jesus is the light of the world.”

Sing Together: Sing How Did Moses Cross the Red Sea (to the tune Glory, Glory Hallelujah). The final line is a question: “How did he get across?”

  • Make an Offering: How can you give an offering today? It could be time, talent, or treasure!
  • Lord’s Prayer: In Grades 1-4 Faith Formation, we practice praying as Jesus taught us.

Read the Bible Together

Read this week’s God’s Great Story in the children’s Bible for your child’s age.

Spark Story Bible The Red Sea or Exodus 14:21-31

Talk About It!

Have fun asking question for all your family members!

Talk About It: So, how did Moses get across the Red Sea? God told Moses to stretch his hand out over the sea, and God drove the sea back with a strong wind. Did you know that Moses had other adventures? Remember the burning bush? How about the time when he floated down the Nile River in a basket…as a baby?!? Or when he drew water from a rock? Or when God gave him the Ten Commandments? What adventures have you had?

Dig Deeper: Study a list of the 10 Commandments. What questions do you have? Which one do you think is the most important? Jesus actually answers this question for us. Look up Matthew 22:34-40 in your Bible. According to Jesus, the 10 Commandments can be summed up in 2 Commandments. Love God, love neighbor. Which commandments are about loving God, and which commandments are about loving your neighbor?

Family Activity Choices

Pick activities to do together with supplies you have around your house!

Activity 1: The Bible Beat Learn this simple rhyme and recite it together:
Ten Commandments, God’s Big Ten.
Ten Commandments, say it again.
We’ve got the tools
with God’s great rules!
Ten Commandments, God’s Big Ten.

Activity 2: Red Sea Walk Create a path with two sides (you can use chair backs, pillows, blankets, boxes are whatever you have on hand). Find a walking stick and take turns walking through.

Pray Together

“Dear God, thank you for the amazing life of Moses. Help us to trust you as Moses trusted you. Please keep us safe and help us to live peacefully with each other. Amen.”

Bless Each Other

At the end of your time, give each other a special blessing to remember one of God’s promises.

Give each other a high 10 and say, “God’s Big Ten!”