FAITH AT HOME for Grades 1-4 – May 30 & 31


May 30 & 31 – Pentecost

Worship Time:

  • This Little Light of Mine: If you are able, light a candle to remind yourselves that Jesus is the light of the world. Jesus is with you, and Jesus is in you. Let your light shine!
  • Offering: How can you make an offering today? 
  • Thank You, God: Name three things you are thankful for today.
  • Lord’s Prayer


  • Have you ever felt the presence of the Holy Spirit? Can you think of time when the Holy Spirit was at work in your life? Sometimes, I have a plan for a lesson, but the Holy Spirit pushes me in a different direction! Often, the presence of the Holy Spirit is not as obvious to us as it was on that Pentecost day.

    Read the Bible:

  • Locate Acts 2:1-4 and read together.

    Pentecost Prayer (By John Birch):

  • The Spirit came
    and your Church was born,
    in wind and fire
    and words of power.

    The Spirit came
    blowing fear aside,
    and in its place
    weak hearts were stronger.

    Project Ideas:

  • Ribbon Ring: Using a canning jar lid, a shower curtain ring or even a cut-off toilet paper tube, tie ribbons and pray for people as you add ribbons to your ribbon ring. Say something like, “May the Holy Spirit be with you.”
  • Tongue of Fire: Using scissors, construction paper or white paper with paint, crayons, or markers, make a flame. Hold it above your head and your family members’ heads and say, “The Holy Spirit is upon you.”