FAITH AT HOME for Families of Littles – May 30 & 31



Join Miss Renee & Evan as we celebrate the Holy Spirit coming down down down to help us share God’s love all around!

Music Time

“Up UP UP” new verse! 

Down down down came the Holy Spirit

With love love love for all to hear it x2

Alleluia Alleluia x2

Story Time

Read “Holy Spirit” in the Spark Story Bible on page 400

Story Playtime!

Before Jesus went up to heaven, He promised to send a helper so we can share God’s love everywhere. On Pentecost, we celebrate that the Holy Spirit came as Jesus promised and is still with us today. But what is the Holy Spirit? Can you see it? Just like the wind you can’t see it. It’s God’s presence all around us. But also just like the wind, you can see when it moves, like a pinwheel or wind chime. So when you see someone be kind, sharing or loving, that’s God’s Holy Spirit moving!

Let’s have some fun with the story of the day the Holy Spirit came with a Scavenger Hunt!

  • Jesus’ friends were meeting together in a house when suddenly something amazing happened!
  • Whoosh! Swoosh! A loud rushing sound filled the air. (Find something that makes noise with wind)
  • Crackle! Hiss! A fiery flame burned above each disciple. (Find something that makes light) 
  • The wind and the fire filled them with the Holy Spirit. (Find something red, which symbolizes the Holy Spirit) 
  • Then they began to talk to people from all over the world. (Find something that moves with wind) 
  • They could speak in different languages so everyone could understand what they were saying about Jesus. (Say “love” in sign language – showing a hand with a raised index finger and pinky finger and an extended thumb.)
  • This was the birthday of the church! (Find something you use for a birthday party and sing “Happy Birthday”)
  • The gift of the Holy Spirit made all these amazing things happen and is still doing amazing things today (Move like the wind yourself) 

Click HERE for Jesus Coloring Page and Family Activities

Families with Babies & Toddlers

Check out the Frolic Preschool Bible that has many more Bible stories, including the one we’ll read today, the story of Pentecost!

We’ll be using this book throughout the summer, we’d love to send you one! Email us at if you’d like one!

For more activities, try the Scavenger Hunt above or download a coloring sheet!

Pray Together

Dear Holy Spirit, Thank you for helping us share Jesus with others.


Bless Each Other

Blow air on each other

Say “The Holy Spirit is all around you!”