FAITH AT HOME for Grades 1-4 – April 25 & 26


April 25 & 26 – 3rd Sunday of Easter

Worship Time

Make the sign of the cross (Touch forehead, then heart. Touch one shoulder, then the other.)
As you make the cross say, “Love God, Love Neighbor”

Offering: How will you make an offering today? One family idea – Consider making a donation
to a local food shelf. They are struggling to keep up with increased demand right now.

Sing: Thank you, God for giving us life. Thank you, God for giving us life. Thank you, God for
giving us life. Right where we are! (Insert nature items today, in honor of Earth Day)

Earth Day song: This Pretty Planet by Tom Chapin:

This pretty planet, spinning through space. You’re a garden, you’re a harbor, you’re a holy
place. Golden sun going down, gentle blue giant spin us around. All through the night, safe ‘til
the morning light.

Pray: Thank you God for the earth. The air we breathe, the food that grows, the water we drink,
and the sunshine that keeps us warm. Help us be grateful and take good care of it. AMEN

Read the Bible: Acts 3:1-10


Have you noticed that lots of the Bible stories are about healing? We’ve read about Jairus’s
daughter, the man through the roof, blind Bartimaeus, today’s story at the Beautiful Gate and
more! Healing seems to be very important to Jesus and his followers. What are some ways that
you keep your body healthy? What are some ways you can keep your emotions healthy? What
are some things you can do to make other people feel better?


Since being out in nature and physical activity are two great ways to stay healthy, go and try
any or all of these outdoor scavenger hunt ideas in your yard or neighborhood:
(adapted from
Something living in your yard, Something nonliving but not manmade, A tree that is taller than
your house, A Y-shaped twig, A tree or bush with buds, Three different kinds of leaves, A bird or
squirrel nest
Tree bark rubbings, A tower of stones, Your name made with sticks, A close-up photo of an
insect, drawings of flowers, a recording of a birdsong, Make a spider web by putting a little thin
paint on a paper and then blowing on it through a straw