FAITH AT HOME for Grades 1-4 – April 18 & 19


April 18/19 – Jesus Washes His Disciples’ Feet

Worship Time

  • This Little Light of Mine: If you are able, light a candle to remind yourselves that Jesus is
    the light of the world. Jesus is with you, and Jesus is in you. Let your light shine!
  • Offering: How can you make an offering today?
  • Thank You, God: Name three things you are thankful for today.
  • Lord’s Prayer


How was your Holy Week and Easter different this year? I missed gathering at
church and seeing all the people and the beautiful flowers. I also missed hearing the story
about Jesus washing his disciples’ feet, so I wanted to circle back to that important story today.

Read the Bible

Locate John 13:1-5 and read together.


Enjoy the video from Saddleback Kids.


Dear God, you sent your son Jesus to teach us how to love others. Please help me to love
and serve others. Amen.

Craft and Service Project

1. Watch Leah’s video.
2. Create your own dandelion or other artwork.

3. Send your artwork and/or a letter to a resident at the Good Samaritan Society. Contact or for details. You can also visit and scroll down to the Elder Letter Writing project.