FAITH AT HOME for Families of Littles – May 16 & 17



Join Miss Renee & Evan as we celebrate erupting with God’s love!

Music Time

“We Love”

We love (clap clap) because God first loved us

We love (clap clap) because God first loved us

We love, we love

We love (clap clap) because God (clap) first (clap) loved (clap) us

Story Time

Read “Love Is…” in the Spark Story Bible on page 432

Story Playtime!

When we are filled with God’s love, it ERUPTS out of us like a volcano and covers everyone like lava!

Click HERE to try our I Lava You Erupting Volcano Prayer Activity (it’s messy but not too messy :P) 

And to continue the Volcano fun, watch Pixar’s “Lava” to see a cute story of love!

OR You can find it on Disney+ if you have the subscription

Click HERE for a coloring page and more activities! 

Families with Babies & Toddlers

We’ve run out of stories in the Frolic Bible for the year, so enjoy one of our Frolic Story Books “God Finds Us” that reminds us that God’s love always finds us no matter what!

If you’d like a copy of this book, we’d love to send you one! Email us at

Click HERE to download color & activity sheets! 

Pray Together

Dear God,
Your love is up high. (Reach up high.)
Your love is down low. (Touch the floor.)
Your love is over here. (Reach to one side.)
Your love is over there. (Reach to the other side.) Your love is everywhere! (Turn in a circle.)
Thank you that Your love always finds us!

Bless Each Other

Make your hands look like an erupting volcano

Say “I lava you!”