FAITH AT HOME for Families of Littles – March 28 & 29


Be Like a Bird! 

Hello friends! Evan and I made a little video of circle time for our class. Check it out here to sing some old and new songs with us!  

Music Time

Sing “Hello Everybody How Do You Do” 

“Bird Action Song” 

“The Joy of the Lord”

Story Time

Read “Do Not Worry” chapter of the Spark Story Bible on pg 158

Or Watch this video of Psalm 108 – Don’t forget to look for Squiggles!

Story Playtime!

Families with Toddlers to Kindergartners 

Download the Take Home Family Page and make a bird feeder or learn about MN birds!

There’s LOTS to choose from to do throughout the week! 

Families with Babies and Toddlers 

Read the Jesus Feeds a Crowd pages in your Frolic Bible

Download the Frolic Family Mini Lesson for activities together

Craft to Prepare for Palm Sunday

Step 1: Watch Our Palm Craft video

Step 2: Download the Palm Branch pdf

Step 3: Record your family waving your completed palm branches.
Make sure to hold your phone horizontally!

Step 4: Text (don’t email) your video to