FAITH AT HOME – Club 56 – Mar. 21


Kings & Prophets


Our journey together this year is exploring God’s Big Story in the Old Testament! In our first unit, we looked at the Beginning stories of God’s Creation in the first part of Genesis. In our second unit, we then explored the second part of Genesis where we learned about some of the first leaders and families in the Bible. Last unit, we were in the book of Exodus and learned about Moses and the Israelites. Now, we are headed into the Kings & Prophets section of the Bible and will learn about the Israelites after they entered the promised land.

It is encouraged that families watch the videos, read the texts, reflect on the summaries, respond to the questions and pray together. However, Club 56 participants can also do this on their own- you might need a journal for journaling some thoughts!


Find your Club 56 Candle (or a Candle) that you can light.
Invocation: the act of inviting or welcoming or acknowledging that God is present in our space.

As you light your candle, say this invocation out loud: “I light this candle in the name of God, our Creator; Jesus, our Savior; and the Holy Spirit, our Inspirer. The three in one!”

Connect Video

Get a taste of this week’s theme by watching ONE of these videos!

Prophet’s Video

Reflection Questions:

  1. Have you ever had an experience like the kids had in the video? What happened?
  2. Why is telling the truth so hard?
  3. Why is telling the truth so important?

Connect is a curriculum from SPARK that is specifically designed for 5th and 6th graders.

Read, Reflect & Respond

Take some time to dig in deep to the Bible!

Need a Bible? Contact Leah M!

Read the Text: Amos 5:21-24

In verses 21-23, draw arrows away from the things that the people are doing. In verse 24 draw a river coming from the
words justice and righteousness.

Reflect on the Summary:

“The word prophet might remind us of something like a biblical fortune-teller. We often think of prophets as those who predict the future. But God raises up prophets more for the sake of calling attention to what’s happening right now. Prophets are truth-tellers. They risk being pushed out to the margins in order to convey God’s heart for God’s people. It’s not easy—they have to tell the truth about what’s wrong with the people in order to tell them how they can get back on track with God. 

Amos the prophet was a pretty simple man. He was a shepherd who spent his whole life steering wayward sheep where they needed to go, offering correction when necessary. He was well-suited for the task God had appointed to him—correcting God’s people and leading them back to where they belonged. The Israelites appeared devoted—they regularly made Temple sacrifices and observed religious ceremonies. But it was all a sham. Their mask of faithfulness only covered up their deep faithlessness as a people. This passage shows God’s feelings about these empty gestures. God wants voices and lives that sing God’s praise. Everything else, Amos tells us, is merely noise—hollow and empty.

 Respond to the Questions:

  1. Why did God have such harsh things for Amos to say about the people’s worship?
  2. Are you practicing justice and righteousness in your own life? How?

Remember (Club 56 Binder)

Our Club 56 Binders are for taking notes and helping us remember details in God’s Big Story!

Need a binder? Contact Leah M.

Get out your Club 56 Binder and find the green page with the Gavel (labeled Prophets). Find the paragraph about why we are using a gavel to remember this story and read about it!

In the box or by the object, write important key words, people, events or notes that you want to remember about the first text you read. 

Need help? Revisit the texts we explored today or read the paragraph at the bottom of the paper.


“God who leads us,

Thank You for always providing people and signs to guide us. Thank You for always loving us and never leaving us. Please help us to continue to follow You and serve our neighbors.

In your name, 



It’s time to blow out or turn off your candle and go on with your day with a blessing.
Benediction: a blessing that sends you out on your day!

As you turn off your candle, bless the people in your home by saying,” May God bless you and keep you, may God’s face shine upon you and may God always go with you and give you peace!”  


Quoted texts are revised from:

Connect Leader Guide. Unit 4—Kings & Prophets: Prophets. © 2013 sparkhouse. All rights reserved.

May be reproduced for local use only provided each copy carries this notice.