Celebrating Generosity


We want to lift up this community’s generosity over the last few months—first, in response to our Annual Appeal this fall, and now with our Automated Giving Campaign in the new year.

Last fall we met and exceeded our goal of receiving 200 Statements of Intent for giving in 2023. And this month we, again, met and exceeded a goal of adding 30 new households to those using automated giving toward their contributions to Nativity. We’re grateful to the individuals and families who have begun using automated giving in response to this campaign and for all the generous contributions of our community throughout the year. Your financial support is essential to the ministries that bring hope to people of all ages every day.

We also celebrate that, having met our goal, Nativity will receive a special combined gift of $5000 from two anonymous donors. Thank you to them and to all of our community for supporting the continuing ministry of Nativity.

If you’re interested in learning more about automated giving as a simple option to support Nativity and save you time and effort, you can find forms at the Welcome Desk or sign up for automated giving online at NativityChurch.org/Give.