A Prayer for This Time

weekly prayer

God of Mercy, we ask that you hold us close to you; affirm our faith; restore our hope.

For those who are struggling with this disease, be present to them.

For those with limited resources, provide them with people who can help.

For families who are home together, provide wisdom. Give spouses patience for each other. Prompt parents to speak words of kindness and encouragement to their children. Help children find creative ways to use their time.

For those alone and isolated, fill them with your holy presence and comfort.

For those who are experiencing loss: of a loved one, of a visit, of a graduation, of other losses; fill them with peace.

Protect those who are in essential occupations: medical staff, first responders, store personnel, church workers, teachers, counselors, manufacturers, researchers, and so many others. Provide them strength and guidance.

Provide those in government with insight and good judgment.

And, for those we hold in our hearts…