A Prayer for the Blessing of our Nation

weekly prayer

At the end of each worship service, our pastors bless us. The act of blessing is a prayer, “A blessing evokes a sense of warmth and protection. It suggests that no life is alone or unreachable. A blessing is where the human heart pleads with the divine heart.” (John O’Donohue, Bless the Space Between Us.)

God of All Nations:

We ask your blessing on our country:

  • That we be true to the ideals of freedom and justice.
  • That we be able to see each other as fellow humans, each struggling with the challenges of life.

We ask your blessing on those entrusted with governmental authority. Grant them wisdom and compassion.

We ask your blessing on those who are working to find a vaccine for Covid. May your Spirit guide their actions.

We ask your blessing on those in health care, education, law enforcement, religious leadership, and ________________________. Protect these people from illness, and grant them insight into their daily decisions.

And, we ask your blessing on those people and situations we hold in our hearts.