Winter Family Faith Formation – March 19


Winter Family Faith Formation – March 19

Join us each week as a family to celebrate the New Year with stories of the life of Jesus!

Pick from watching our Welcome Videos, Worship Together, Reading the Bible, Talk About It, Family Activities, Pray Together and Bless Each Other – or do them all!

Welcome Video

Enjoy our special Family St. Patrick’s Day Worship! (Isn’t it cute how little the kiddos were 2 years ago!)

Worship Together

Share in some faith practices of worship together!

Shine a Light: Light a candle or find a flashlight. Take turns saying, “Jesus’ light shines in me.”

Sing Together:  “You Are My True North”
Oh oh You are my true north
Oh oh oh oh oh oh You are my true north
I will follow You into the dark dark dark, You are my true north
I will follow You with all my heart heart heart, You are my true north

Make an Offering: How can you give an offering today? Many of the classes are collecting for Feed My Starving Children or other food ministries during Lent.

Read the Bible Together

Read this week’s God’s Great Story in the children’s Bible for you child’s age.

The REAL Story of St. Patrick with a box! Click HERE to download!
Bible – Matthew 28:19-20

Talk About It!

Have fun asking question for all your family members!

How have you seen God’s blessings this past year even though time my have been tough? 

How can the story of St. Patrick encourage us to keep spreading God’s Good News even though we still don’t know what the future will look like?

Dig Deeper: Have you ever had to go back and be nice to someone that had been mean to you? How did that situation turn out? How does that remind you of God’s love for us? 

Family Activity Choices

Pick activities to do together! Supplies are provided in our Monthly At-Home Kits you picked up at our drive thru events or ask to have delivered to your home. 

Activity 1: Giving my best to Jesus: Look in your home Lenten kit and make the perfume bottle project. Glue on the squares of tissue paper to make the bottle colorful, then write in, “Giving my best to Jesus” on the label. If you wish, you can also write in “John 12:1-8”.

Activity 2: My best rainbow: Find a rainbow picture or draw your own. On each colorful row, write in some of your best actions. For example, write, “I did my best at school when I ______.” Or “I did my best with my family when I _______.” Think of friends, neighbors, pets, activities, etc. and remember the moments that made you proud of doing good things.

Pray Together

in honor of St. Patrick’s Day this week

(Stand up)
God above me (stretch arms up)
God below me (stretch down to reach the floor)
God beside me (wave arms at the side)
God all around me (spin around in a circle with arms out)

Bless Each Other

At the end of your time, give each other a special blessing to remember one of God’s promises.

Say this Irish Blessing together:
May lots of luck and best of friends,  Knock on your door each day.
May love beam down upon you, and rainbows come your way.
May Jesus ease every trouble, as you pray to God your Savior.
And may you be forever hugged with the blessing of God’s favor.