Weekend Prayers – June 8-9, 2024

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Below are the names of those we pray for this week.
If you have a prayer request, please fill out the form here: www.nativitychurch.org/prayer-request/, or call (612) 781-2766.

The following names were correct as of June 7, 2024:

Prayers of Healing for:

Ron Brown, Sandy Sevre, Dale O’Brien, Jenny Carlson, Lloyd Nelson, Dawn Pape, P. J. Tombarge, Dean Affeldt, Barry Sather, Eunice Fellowes, Ashley Johnson, Robin Przepiora, Kim Morelli, Jace Blanchard, Gloria Janousek, Michelle Walbon, Jim Griffin, Ardy Voss, Eric Hinkle, Sue Sorenson, Jim Anderson, Margaret Bauman, Alan Amundson, Marilyn Engstrom, Audrey Lazarus, Marilyn Williams, Pat Hall, Deb Williamson, Becky Schmalke, Steve Parrott, Bette Widmark, Julie Isaacson, David Demco, Patty McGuire, Lynette Thompson, Shirley Olsen, Carolyn F. Rehmann, Gary Kimball, Jim McDonald, Ray Wolf, Sharon Damsgard, Bill Sausser, Sonia Hoversten, Michael Forsberg, Sheldon Christenson, Joel Setterholm, Paul Nielsen, Sue Lyon.

Prayers of Serenity for Those in the Twilight of Life in Transition to Eternal Life:


Prayers of Comfort for Those Who Grieve:

For the family and friends of those who have recently died, those who are grieving the death of Marcia Nalezny, Amy Engstrom, Sarah Hamilton Mostrom, Sue Holten, and for the family and friends of those whose loved ones have died during the coming week in years past, including Gloria Hinkle, Marilyn Zoerb, Myron “Stub” Getter, Eric Birkeland, Lucy Schmidt, Pastor Ed Schmidt.

Prayers of Those Expecting the Arrival of a Child:

Molly & Tony Tillman

Dakota Passariello & Andrew Larson

Holly & Jason Dayton

John & Elizabeth Higgens

Mackenzie & Allen Scherchligt

Prayers of Thanksgiving for the Arrival of a Child:

Paislee Mae Anderson to Baylee Harlin & Logan Anderson 5/4/24

Everett Theodore to Shauna & Robert O’Brien 5/5/24

Hannah Marie to Sarah Lofgren & Jacob Burkman 3/26/24

Henry Thomas Denardo-Taylor to Hannah & Jarred Denardo Taylor

Prayers for Those Recently or Soon to be Baptized:

Davie Jane Lively Wollan, daughter of Chet Wollan & Candace Lively 12/18/23

Pierce Higgins, son of John & Elizabeth 12/31/23

Sema Korman, daughter of Ashley Mhyran Korman 5/11/24

Josephine Malynn Kirchner, daughter of Kaitlyn & Ethan 5/19/24

Elsa Kylie Whittemore, daughter of Christine & Don Whittemore 6/9/24

Prayers for Those Recently or Soon to Be Married:

Steve Karschnia & Isabel Kleinschmidt Garcia 6/1/24

Rachel Olson & Nick Kasel 6/8/24

Shannon Dean & Noah Burke 9/28/24

Emily Onken & Nicholas Steen 10/19/24

Prayers for Those Celebrating Anniversaries of Relationship:

Linnea & Cled Jones 5 years

Todd & Bonnie Peterson 40 years

Will & Barb Marsh 45 years

Jim & Karen Griffin 60 years

Jerry & Sandy Svee 65 years