Weekend Prayers – January 20-21, 2024

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Below are the names of those we pray for this week.
If you have a prayer request, please fill out the form here: www.nativitychurch.org/prayer-request/, or call (612) 781-2766.

The following names were correct as of January 19, 2024:

Prayers of Healing for:

Donis Horton, Deb Williamson, Elsie Posser, Ann Nelson, Steve Applen, Suanne Tarner, P. J. Tombarge, Kris Freiling, Julie Schowalter, J. R. Gibson, Sally Bell, Al & Nancy Hyatt, Ashley Brown, Julie Isaacson, David Demco, Russ Ingvaldsen, Jackie Chattopadhyay, Patti McGuire, Lorna Jones, Lynette Thompson, Doug Quady, Shirley Olsen, Jack Stouten, Tom Fahrenholz, Carolyn F. Rehmann, Jim Norquist, Bob, Pat & Mary Meyer, Sue Holten, Alyssa Hunt, Alexa Hunt, Kaley Roy, Dexter, Margo Tech, Gary Kimball, Genevieve & Dean Cooke, Jim McDonald, Ray Wolf, Bette Widmark, Pete LeBak, Sharon Damsgard, Bill Sausser, Sonia Hoversten, Michael Forsberg, Sheldon Christenson, Joel Setterholm, Bob Burge, Paul Nielsen, Sue Lyon

Prayers of Serenity for Those in the Twilight of Life in Transition to Eternal Life:

Dave Arens

Prayers of Comfort for Those Who Grieve:

For the family and friends of those who have recently died, including those who are grieving the death of Echo Gwynn, Jim Hanson, Roland DeFeyter, and Brian Brady, and for the family and friends of those whose loved ones have died during the coming week in years past, the family and friends of Jim Steinwand and Cheryl Garrett.

Prayers of Those Expecting the Arrival of a Child:

Baylee Harlin & Logan Anderson

Sarah Lofgren & Jacob Burkman

Jake & Deanna Davies

Prayers of Thanksgiving for the Arrival of a Child:

Ari Horsager Malcarne to Jonathan Malcarne & Janet Horsager 12/13/23

Banks James Cartegena Marz to Ruth & Ben 12/14/23

Aubrey Grace, daughter of Lisa (Schwalbe) & Arnold Norcross 11/14/23

Prayers for Those Recently or Soon to be Baptized:

Sophia Marie, daughter of Nick & Crystal Peterson 10/15/23

Carson Luke, son of Christina & Steve Gerlach 10/22/23

August, son of Krista & Matthew Arndt 10/22/23

Davie Jane Lively Wollan, daughter of Chet Wollan & Candace Lively 12/18/23

Pierce Higgins, son of John & Elizabeth 12/31/23

Prayers for Those Recently or Soon to Be Married:

Nina Cecere & Jackson Zeiler 9/15/23

Sophie Anderson & Tyler Sutherland 10/13/23

Steve Karschnia & Isabel Kleinschmidt Garcia 6/1/24

Rachel Olson & Nick Kasel 6/8/24

Shannon Dean & Noah Burke 9/28/24

Emily Onken & Nicholas Steen 10/19/24

Prayers for Those Celebrating Anniversaries of Relationship: