Thank You from the Dragonfly Project!


The Dragonfly Project’s mission is to provide a message of hope to those who are grieving. Each condolence card sent comes with a dragonfly keychain.

From Julie Bonde:

Thank you to everyone who helped last weekend. We started small and grew as the weekend went on. On Saturday, four people came to help and did lovely work. We got the January Adopt-a-State cards done and ready to mail.

Last Sunday I worked with children who showed up to help outside during both hours. I was able to tell them the dragonfly story, and they did some work for us too! The younger kids at 9:30 am stuffed keychain envelopes with about 50 keychains. The older grade school kids at 11:45 am stuffed 100 packets. It’s always fun to see how happy it makes the children to be helpful! Pete also had at least 16 people help between services and after the 10:30 worship.

Here are our weekend totals!

  • 679 plain packets
  • 283 Adopt-a-State packets
  • 233 extra keychains
  • 500 keychain envelopes for the school outreach program

Thank you to all who helped us make this happen! Remember, each packet or keychain represents a family or a person who will receive this message of hope from us. It will make a difference!